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Arachnid, Dev Blog #1

We are making our first Unity project in recent months. Since it is our first “born” in 3D , we decided to try something simple, cool and addictive. Our first idea was a breaking out game, but after several prototypes, we gave it up. Now the final decision is a horror theme rail shooter with creepy spiders.

It is not a easy thing to capture the creepy and mysterious feeling. We are still not sure about the color theme for the game, there are some choices here,

A-White, B-Blue, C-Black, D-Red, E-Green, F-Purple

Which one is your favorite?



Hurray! We’re Back!

After being silent for a while, we're back with a new look and some "secret weapons".


  • New lookwe-are-back_s_1_title.fw

This time, we design the whole site to bring out our attitude about making game. We try our best to make the site more colorful, lively and informative. We also add a new Blog section in the new site. We will update our lasted news and dev blogs here often. Please keep tuned in.

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