01 Creative color matching/match-three game.

02 Three challenging modes with 60 levels.

03 Twenty special costumes of bunnies for collecting.


Hello, there! Here's a free ticket to the magnificent Magic Bunnies show! It will be the most memorable night of your life, because you're not just the audience, but an assistant of the show!

The Magic Bunnies have prepared three different shows tonight. Each show has 19 levels and an endless level.

-Classic Mode: Switch hats to match same color bunnies. if 3 or more adjacent bunnies are of the same color, they hop away. Four super bunnies will play their tricks when they hop away from the stage.

-Disco Ball Mode: Collect disco balls for the disco party! You need a pair of fast hands, since the color of disco balls change from time to time.

-UFO Mode: An alien comes to sabotage the show! Use superman bunnies and carrots to drive the alien away.

Unlock 20 special bunnies in special costumes and visit them in the Hall of Bunnies.

Enjoy your show. Abracadabra!



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